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The Quartering Act - Re-release Celebration

Please join me in celebrating the re-release of Judy Baker's The Quartering Act, a Revolutionary War Romance.

As part of her celebration, Judy is giving away two (2) print copies of The Quartering Act. To win your chance at a copy, all you have to do is join her Newsletter Mailing List by clicking here. You can also win a copy by emailing her at:

You will also find a copy of The Quartering Act on sale at


Katherine Heaton, a young patriot woman, stares into the eyes of the Redcoat officer standing over her father’s lifeless body. Stunned at what she has just witnessed, there is nothing she can do when the soldiers haul her brother away for hanging a British Stamp Agent. Devoted to her brother, and the cause, she will help him fight for independence.

Captain Jeremy Burke, officer in the King’s army, arrives in the New World and discovers the colonies have an elegant simplicity that surprises him, especially the beautiful Heaton woman. He has never had a problem with self-discipline, until now.

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1 Comment

Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez
Jul 22, 2020

Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great read!


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