Lightning Only Strikes Twice

"LIGHTNING ONLY STRIKES TWICE is the best time travel gem I've read in years. The love story was so packed with plot twists and mystery, I never wanted it to end. Fans of Stanalei Fletcher, a bright new star in the time travel firmament, will be calling for a sequel!" ~Award-winning Harlequin author, Rebecca Winters~

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The body travels forward through time at the rate of one second per second. Yet the mind moves forward and backward at will, recalling past events and speculating on future circumstances. What if the experience could be shared? That those recollections weren't a memory, but reality?

All her life, Annie Crawford sacrificed personal dreams for those she loved. Faced with mounting debts after her grandfather's death, she sacrifices once again and sells the family land, preserving her family's good name and avoiding bankruptcy. Her newly acquired financial stability comes with a price-her lost heritage. With no family left, she's forced to build her own legacy.

Purchasing Annie's property means three things to Luke Maxwell: Financial burden on Maxwell Development. Opportunity to propel his career to the top by developing the old ghost town. And, most importantly, his father's approval to take over the family business.

While touring the property prior to development, Annie and Luke are catapulted back to 1891 into a booming mining community. Together they face the reality of never returning to their own time. They discover the sacrifices made for their future, and their responsibility to the present, are predestined.