I have some awesome news to share, but it will need to wait until I get my new computer and can do a proper post.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who participated in my Blog  Tour by Reviews By Crystal at the end of January. I’ll be announcing and reaching out to the winners of the Rafflecopter soon.

Thanks for your patience.

What I Learned This Week

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Anaheim, CA. What I learned was much too vast to put in any one post or even several posts. However I will recap the highlights that will stay with me for a lifetime. 

  • I learned that best-selling, award-winning authors work hard for their success. They work harder than most any professional I know. [I learned I don’t work nearly hard enough.]
  • I learned that romance authors are the most generous and giving of souls. [This was not a new revelation, but to experience it en masse was humbling.]
  • I learned that giving and receiving a simple “Thank You” with a smile is very, very important. [“Thank You” is a woefully inadequate phrase for the gratitude I feel for those who gave so much to me this past week.]

When it’s my turn, I hope I can give back at least a portion of what I’ve received from the amazing authors I met this past week.

Did you have a week of learning?